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Top 5 Friday!

Welcome back to T5F! This week I’m listing my top 5 book heroines that I have wished I could be for whatever reason at some point or another.

I thought it would be hard to choose – I have so many favourites – but actually when I really sat down to write, five came immediately to mind without any fighting!


5. Mandy Hope from the Animal Ark series by Lucy Daniels

I was OBSESSED with these books when I was a kid. Mandy lived with her adoptive parents, who were both vets, and had all sorts of animal based adventures in the Yorkshire Dales and beyond with her best friend James. I was constantly daydreaming of being her and I have no idea just how many times I read and re-read those books!

This was all before I realised I was both too squeamish and also too shaky to ever be a vet myself.

4. Ant from Blame by Simon Mayo
Not your typical heroine, I fell in love with Ant’s character because she was just so real. A relatable character in a dystopian near-future world that was alarmingly believable, she was feisty and loyal and brave but not without flaws.
Something about her just resonated and she’s lurked in my head ever since I read the book.
3. Angua von Überwald (Delphine) from Terry Pratchett’s Discworld series

Firstly I wanted to be her because she’s a werewolf.

Secondly she is AWESOME.

She’s gorgeous (even when furry), she’s funny, clever, deeply flawed, fierce and loving and I just adore her. I’d probably not last five minutes in Discworld but if I had to live there, I’d want to be her.

 2. Hermione Granger from J. K. Rowling’s Harry Potter books
Zero surprises there.
Bookish, nerdy, sarcastic, well-meaning, ferocious when she has to be, pedantic, caring, slightly hopeless and clumsy – she is my soul-creature.
1. Rachel Morgan from The Hollows series by Kim Harrison

Ah, Miss Morgan.

My favourite of all because she is the perfect balance of totally kick-ass and completely useless. She barges in hot-headed, heart-in-hand and furious to defend what she believes is right, then flails around in the middle when she realises she’s made an enormous mess, and then works with her friends to fix it all. I love her.

She’s a flaming redhead, she can use cool magic and pull off leather trousers – why would I not want to be her?!


Which fictional characters have you found yourself wishing to swap places with, or be a bit more like in your everyday life?

Please leave a comment, I'd love to hear what you think :)

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