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What’s On The Menu? 27th August – 2nd September

Oof, September by the end of this week. Madness.

I am sat typing this on Sunday afternoon with the rain pouring down outside feeling utterly sorry for myself. I woke up with the plague (possible exaggeration) and it feels a lot like my eyes are going to fall out of my face. I suspect this state means that next week is going to involve much comfort food because that’s what you want when you’re ill. Actually right now I don’t want to eat anything but I’m sure that will pass (and I still have to feed everyone else!)

Monday: Chicken with leek & bacon sauce, potatoes and vegetables – I’ve investigated the freezer and theres some chicken with leek and bacon stuff in there that need eating up. So that’s what we’re having!

Tuesday: Sausages with Yorkshire puddings, onion rings and sweetcorn – Arthur requested this one, very specifically. So there we go.

Wednesday: Meatballs & Pasta – Tori’s choice this time (can you tell my brain isn’t working and I just sat here and yelled ‘what do you want for dinner on another day?’ – we are lucky Arthur didn’t say ‘onion rings, pancakes and doughnuts’ to be quite honest…)

Thursday: Mexican LasagneHaven’t made this for a while. Looking forward to it!

Friday: Chicken & Spinach Curry – The Thai curry went down surprisingly well last week with empty plates all round, time to see if it was a fluke!

Saturday: Pizza – I’m actually going to be at Book Club for dinner today, but everyone else can have pizza.

Sunday: Chinese Style Pork Steaks, Potatoes & Vegetables – Taking advantage of the Smalls feeling adventurous again!

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