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What’s On The Menu? 3rd – 9th September

Back to school this week – I am quite looking forward to the return to routine! (Because then I might remember what day it is and not post things a day late because I forgot it was Monday yesterday…)

Monday: Crumpets! – We are out on an adventure today and I expect lunch out will be our main meal and we’ll just want something snacky for dinner.

Tuesday: Chicken Kievs, Pasta & Vegetables – Nice, easy and filling for the last night before school starts again.

Wednesday: Maple BBQ Pork steaks, Potatoes & Vegetables – Nice and easy, nice and tasty!

Thursday: Mango & Sweet Chilli Chicken with Noodles & VegetablesThink stir-fry and that’s what I’m going for!

Friday: Spaghetti Bolognese – End of the week and the kids will be ratty, going for something I know they like to be on the safe side!

Saturday: Pasties, Potatoes & Spaghetti Shapes (or beans) – I have had an odd craving for pasties recently, so I am indulging.

Sunday: Fish & Chips – Raiding the freezer for this one.

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