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What’s On The Menu? 10th – 16th September

That return to routine I mentioned? Well we got it, plus a bit as we gained a new family member last Wednesday and she’s created some new routines for us all.

Readers, meet Amber. I suspect she is going to feature on here a fair bit, because we are all smitten. She is also the reason this post is late – I had to keep running off to get her off the table and then she sat on my keyboard instead. She is a menace. I love her.


The kids are having packed lunches this year at school (can’t afford to pay £2.20 a day EACH for dinners!) which means I’m going to have to start getting creative for those as well so it’s not just endless sandwiches. Erk.

So, dinners for the week. Here we go:

Monday: Pasta & Sauce – What sauce? No idea, I’ll make it up when I get there!

Tuesday: Sausage Stew – Time to get the slow cooker out again. Autumn is here.

Wednesday: BBQ seasoned Chicken with new potatoes, green beans & carrots – Not quite a mid-week roast, but not far off.

Thursday: Tortilla boats stuffed with mice, served with sweetcornTortilla wraps are great but I do prefer the stand & stuff boat things for the kids because they’re a bit more managable!

Friday: For The Smalls: Thai Curry with Rice – I froze the leftovers last time I made this and there is enough for Tori & Arthur to have a meal from it.

 – For Caius & I: Chicken with leek & bacon sauce, new potatoes, carrots and green beans – The Smalls are not keen on leek & bacon sauce, so I’m taking advantage and doing a grown up meal.

Saturday: Mystery freezer stew stuff! – The label has fallen off… but it looks edible!

Sunday: Salmon Noodle Stir Fry – Quick, easy & tasty. Just a few of my favourite things in a meal!

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