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What’s On The Menu? 17th – 23rd September

If this post is full of typos… it is because as I type, this is happening:

Bit of a different post this week – instead of what we are having for dinner, I am posting what the kids are getting in their packed lunches because now they are having them every day, I have a new challenge of meal planning for those as well!

Tori hates not having school dinners anymore and it took a few days for me to work out the right amount of food to put in for them – they came home hungry still a couple of days, whoops! The compromise is that I said it wouldn’t always be the same thing every day – to make it more like school dinners. (Arthur loves packed lunches and has no such problems!)

They have basically the same with the odd tweaks – Arthur doesn’t eat salad for example so where Tori gets a tub of salad, Arthur just has carrot sticks or something whilst Tori doesn’t like mayo but Arthur loves it and has it on pretty much anything he can get away with.

So here we go with my first School Packed Lunch Menu – any further suggestions are welcomed with open arms!!

Monday:  Ham & Cheese Bagel, salad pot/carrot sticks, packet of crisps, yoghurt coated raisins, and a yoghurt.

Tuesday: Pasta with ham, grapes, Bear Dino Paws, cereal bar, and a small slice of apple cake.

Wednesday: Ham & Cheese Bagel, cherry tomatoes/carrot sticks, a banana, and a yoghurt.

Thursday: Pasta & cheese, yoghurt coated strawberry flakes, carrot sticks, grapes, and a small slice of strawberry cake.

Friday: Jam & Chocolate spread sandwiches (one of each, not both together, ew), packet of crisps, fruit salad tub, Bear Dino Paws, and a small slice of apple cake.

(They get a drink every day too, obviously.)

Hopefully this lot will satisfy Tori’s desire to not have the same every day. I’ve done my best to make them balanced as well as tasty and also full of stuff The Smalls will eat without someone giving them the ‘eat your lunch and stop being an oaf’ look, because I’m not there to deliver that.

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