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What’s On The Menu? 24th – 30th September

So, the school dinners last week were a bit of a disaster – Arthur decided he didn’t like bagels or any of the cakes and they both hated the pasta. Ah well, live and learn!

I’ve got a plan for both their lunch and our dinners coming up this week. (And I am open to any lunch box suggestions for my fussy Smalls!)

Smalls’ Packed Lunch Menu:

Monday:  Cheese wrap, salad pot/carrot sticks, packet of crisps, yoghurt coated strawberry flakes and a yoghurt for Arthur/apple cake for Tori.

Tuesday: Ham sandwiches, kiwi for Tori/banana for Arthur, Mini Cheddars, grapes, and a Penguin biscuit for Arthur/strawberry cake for Tori.

Wednesday: Sausage Roll, crackers, cheese cubes, salad pot, yoghurt coated raisins, and a yoghurt.

Thursday: Ham and cheese wrap, banana and grapes, Mini Cheddars, carrot sticks, and a Penguin Biscuit.

Friday: Biscuit & Chocolate spread sandwiches (one of each, not both together, ew), packet of crisps, yoghurt coated blackcurrant flakes, carrot sticks, and a yoghurt for Arthur/apple cake for Tori.

Family Dinner Menu:

Monday: Sausages, onion rings, chips, peas and curry sauce (That last bit will probably only be on my plate, but that’s their loss!)

Tuesday: Mexican Lasagne and garlic bread

Wednesday: Pork steaks, mashed potato, broccoli and green beans

Thursday: Salmon noodle stirfry

Friday: Meatballs with pasta and peas

Saturday: Fish and chips

Sunday: Freezer Lucky Dipping! (Determined to get my boxes back so I can refill them again, hehe)

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