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Top 5 Friday!


I told you there’d be more of Amber from now on! Today she’s in charge of my weekly list. Here comes AMBER’S TOP 5 KITTEN TOYS! (I’m helping her with her spelling because she’s only 11 weeks old and typing with paws is hard. Also, she is very excitable when playing so the photos are all fuzzy, sorry.)

5. Fluffy Mice

These are great for wrestling, pouncing and batting – they even rattle which adds to the fun! I like it when the humans balance them on things for me to knock off and jump on.

4. Paper Bags
These are brilliant for hiding in, jumping on, pushing around, rolling in, chomping on and for playing with other toys inside. I like the scrunchy noises and jumping out at people’s feet from inside them.
3. Tissue Paper!

Crunchy, scrunchy, slippery – fun to shred with teeth and claws, I love it when someone picks a piece up and drops it from high up so I can jump and catch it and roll around with it. Another good game is to run and pounce on it and then slide along the floor on it before continuing my attack!

 2. Cat Tunnel


Someone bought me this as a present and I LOVE it. I love running through it, rolling around in it, diving under it and pushing it around. It has two balls tied on it two which are great for batting and pouncing on – on is a pompom and the other one has a bell in it. I like bells (apart from the one on my collar, that one is annoying because I can’t catch it properly).

1. Plastic Balls


I can play with these all day! Too slippery to get hold of properly, they are easy and light to bat around, they go really fast so chasing them is fun and if I pounce on one it squirts out from under my paws super fast so I get to chase it again – zoom zoom!! They are very naughty and get stuck under furniture and need saving though.

(I have another favourite, too, so I’m going to do two number ones and if anyone notices just say I’m too young to be able to count to five yet…)

1. Carrot Peelings!


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