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What’s On The Menu? 1st – 7th October

October opens with a week of six packed lunches for The Smalls because they are off on a trip with Cubs/Beavers on Saturday so need one then as well. Sigh. I am going to bake a traybake for their puddings this week, in an attempt to buy less pre-packed stuff.

Trying out a couple of new recipes in the evenings this week as well – one completely new to all of us and one new to The Smalls. We shall see how that goes.

The slow cooker is out again – it is that time of year where I inflict torture on myself by making the house smell of food aaaaaaaaaaaaaall day.

Smalls’ Packed Lunch Menu:

Monday:  Chicken and sweetcorn flatbread, crisps, pot of fresh fruit, cheese cubes, and a mince pie. (Yes, yes, I hear you. But it’s a thing that we buy a pack when we first see them… and then don’t buy them again until December. I don’t even like them.)

Tuesday: Cheese flatbread, Laughing Cow cheese dip and breadsticks, salad/fresh carrot, yoghurt coated raisins, and a piece of cake.

Wednesday: Chicken and bacon roll, mini cheddars, fresh cucumber and sweetcorn, cheese cubes, and a piece of cake.

Thursday: Ham flatbread, cheese cubes, crackers, a banana, yoghurt coated raspberry flakes, and a piece of cake.

Friday: Biscuit & Chocolate spread sandwiches, a small sausage roll, popcorn,  mini cheddars, and a piece of cake.

Saturday: Jam sandwiches, mini cheddars, popcorn, yoghurt coated strawberry flakes, Laughing Cow cheese dip and breadsticks, fruit (whatever we have left!), and a chocolate biscuit (or cake if there’s any left).

Family Dinner Menu:

Monday: Bangers and mash with carrot, sweetcorn and gravy.

Tuesday: Slow Cooker Sweet and Sour Smoked Sausage served with pasta and green beans.

Wednesday: Pork steaks with chips, onion rings, peas and sweetcorn.

Thursday: Mushroom risotto with smoked fish and green beans.

Friday: Lasagne with garlic bread.

Saturday: Chilli Con Carne with Nachos.

Sunday: Leftovers (and if there aren’t any, I’ll make something up out of the freezer supplies!)

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