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What’s On The Menu? 8th – 14th October

Monday again. I wasn’t really feeling the meal-planning love this weekend when I did the shopping so it isn’t very exciting. Plus the start of the week seems to involve a lot of evenings where various people are coming and going and need quick, easy food – occasionally at different times. I suspect there will be a bit of microwave re-heating going on!

Monday: Pizza! Probably plus salady bits.

Tuesday: Pasta & Meatballs with peas

Wednesday: Chicken & Chips with carrots & green beans

Thursday: Cooked Breakfast (this was specially requested by The Smalls)

Friday: Roast Chicken Dinner (haven’t done a Friday roast for ages)

Saturday & Sunday: Aaaaand this is where I gave up. I will raid the freezer/cupboards and cobble together some meals! We won’t starve, I’m sure of it.

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