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What’s On The Menu? 21st – 27th January

Cor January goes on forever doesn’t it? Ah well, the end is in sight now and then we will blink and it will be March.

Trying out a few new recipes this week and planning for plenty of left overs for me and Caius to have as lunches during the week as well – just to make the food go a bit further.

My meal planning buddy thinks that the menu doesn’t include enough raw chicken or Dreamies, but that’s why I meal plan and she doesn’t.

Monday: Creamy Veggie Tortellini Soup with Fresh Baked Bread – A recipe I spotted over on the lovely Jam & Clotted Cream Blog and decided looked perfect for a chilly evening. I am making it with four cheese tortellini instead though because Artie really isn’t a fan of the spinach and ricotta stuff even though it is my favourite.

Tuesday: Hoppin’ John with Rice & Wilted Greens – A new (to me) slow cooker recipe I found on Utterly Scrummy’s Blog, I am hoping this goes down well, as it is a super simple and frugal recipe that should make plenty of leftovers for lunches.

Wednesday: Stew & Dumplings served with Mash – Another Utterly Scrummy recipe that sounds perfect for the chilly Janurary weather. The recipe is for a veggie stew but I might throw in some cooking bacon because Caius likes his dinner to be at least a little meaty.

Thursday: Broccoli & Chorizo Pasta – A twist on the broccoli and sausagemeat pasta I have made before – there’s some chorizo in the freezer that needs using up so I’m going to use that instead of the usual sausagemeat and spice combination.

Friday: Bangers & Mash with Vegetables & Gravy – A second meal involving mash in one week. I’ve slipped up there, I hate making mash!

Saturday: Pizza & Chips – Because Saturday.

Sunday: Creamy Chicken Bakes with Potatoes & Vegetables – I am assuming the weather will still be cold and miserable and we will still be wanting comfort food at this point. If it isn’t and we aren’t… then tough, it’s still what we are having!

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