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Beating the Borrowed Books Pile

For most of last year, I tried to read at least one borrowed book a month, but I didn’t always manage it and if I am honest, I need to read more than one a month if the books’ owners are going to see them again any time this decade.

The thing is, being part of Smut club means that we share books that we love and so I often come home clutching one, or two, or three, extra books that I am really excited to read… but then forget about and I find myself trying to avoid eye-contact with the shelf they are on six months later.

This happened again last weekend and I decided that I am Going To Read the two books I borrowed (Heroes by Stephen Fry and Elinor Oliphant Is Completely Fine by Gail Honeyman) straight away. Not starting anything else other than the new actual Smut Club book until they are done.

Then I will allow myself to pick one off my Backlist Bingo list before picking up another borrowed title. My aim is to return all the books that don’t belong to me by the end of the year (with the possible exception of books that belong to Liberty because, to be honest, we just sort of share bookshelves across our houses anyway…)

I’m not going to guarantee I will keep it up because I’m a mood reader and easily distracted by shiny covers and pictures of animals, but I am going to try at least.

So if I have one of your books (or more!) – hopefully I will be returning them to you in 2019!!


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