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#BeatTheBacklist Reading Bingo 2019

Because just challenging myself to read 52 books in 2019 wasn’t enough, I decided to mix in the Beat The Backlist Bingo challenge hosted by NovelKnight as well.

There are 24 sections on the bingo card and I have trawled my TBR shelf to find a book for every square to make myself a list. It took a bit of looking for some of them but I got there in the end and have a full list – meaning that of my 52 books read in 2019 at least 24 of them will be from my (enormous) TBR which is no bad thing!!

I’m not going to list all 24 books, just pick out a few to feature now, but I have taken a photograph of all 24 books you can study if you want to see them all. (EDIT: I accidentally put Book #3 of a trilogy instead of Book #1 in the picture. I will be reading A Time Of Gifts and not The Broken Road.)

I will keep you updated on my progress as time goes by and say which book is for which square (and tell you when I get a line/two lines etc etc) – I’ve even printed off a copy of the board so I can colour it in as I go along!

My 24 books cover a fairly wide variety of genres and include:

Wailing Ghosts by Pu Songling – A book of Chinese folk tales which is under 200 pages long.

A Time Of Gifts by Patrick Leigh Fermor – A non-fiction book about a man’s journey on foot from the Hook of Holland to Constantinople, this is the first in a trilogy that covers the whole journey. I have all three but haven’t picked them up yet because they are a genre I wouldn’t normally read.

Wolfsangel by M. D. Lachlan – Saxons and Vikings and legends and all sorts of things I love. This has been sat on my shelf waiting for me to pick it up since I bought it in great excitement in… 2010. So yeah, this has been on my TBR for 2+ years and by 2+ years I mean 9 years come June. Whoops.

The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood – This has been on my TBR forever and I need to read it because I want to watch the TV show but can’t unless I’ve read it first! This is my Book to movie/show read.

Clean by Juno Dawson – I don’t really know how I forgot to pick this up as it was a 2018 release I was so excited about that I pre-ordered it. But for whatever reason, I never got round to it. It’s On The List for 2019 now though!

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