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CB & The Cat Who Came To Stay ~ Children’s Book Review

Who remembers our little friend CB the cheeky Catbird with a taste for freshly baked croissants?

Well, he’s back and this time he has a friend!

In this second beautiful picture book, the Potters respond to a newspaper article asking if people could rehome animals from a local rescue centre. They go for a visit and fall in love with a beautiful gingery tabby cat called Charlotte, who comes home to join the family as a house cat.

Mr. Potter is worried about what CB will make of the new family member when he returns from his migration in Spring – what if Charlotte scares him away?

Having gained our own house cat since we met CB, we particularly enjoyed meeting Charlotte and hearing about her escapades. We have had a few similar adventures of our own – and our friendly garden birds are also one of the reasons Amber is an indoor cat!

Tori loves these books because she learns new things as she reads – and they are a great balance of words to picture for confident readers. All the fun of a picture book but without feeling too babyish for her (she’s 10 now) – she has read it several times on her own since we all shared it together.

Arthur liked hearing about the rescue centre Charlotte came from and how they had all sorts of different animals, not just cats and dogs. We had a long discussion about all the different sorts of animals you can have as pets and the different things they might need to be happy living with people.

Amber really liked the bits where CB and Charlotte interacted – every time I meowed or made Catbird noises she mewed in return (much to everyoone else’s delight!)

A lovely story that is good for sharing with a mixture of ages, and for reading alone, the illustrations are beautiful and the fact that all the animals are based on real life adds an extra layer to everything. We always enjoy following the internet links at the end of the books to find out more – after all, we dont get Catbirds in England so there’s lots for us to learn!

**We were very kindly gifted a copy of Cb and the Cat Who Came To Stay by the author in return for an honest review and cute photos!**

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