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My 3 Favourite Autumnal Porridge Toppings

One of my favourite things about Autumn is that the weather lends itself to comfort food and snuggling up with a blanket.

Porridge is one of my comfort foods – for breakfast it warms me back up after the chill of the morning school run, or for lunch it sets me up ready to go out for the afternoon one. It even works for a lazy dinner if there’s only me to feed – any excuse really, let’s be honest.

(I can see the look of vague disgust on your face as you read this, Mum. It’s okay, I know I got this one from Dad!)

Plain porridge is a bit boring though, I’ll give you that. So I like to jazz it up a bit and over years of experimenting I have three clear favourites for this time of year:

Mixed Dried Fruit & Seeds with Cinnamon & Runny Honey

The mixed seeds give a bit of texture, the dried fruits and honey are bursts of sweetness and the cinnamon brings it all together with the smell and taste of Autumn.

Sultanas & Golden Syrup

This one reminds me of being a kid and spending ages making swirls with the golden syrup slowly and thickly dribbling off my spoon. You had to hold it just close enough to the surface of the porridge that the heat softened it enough to flow – or if you needed to be quick/werent in the mood, a quick dunk into the porridge sorted it out in seconds! Sprinkle on a handful of sultanas and away you go!

Maple Syrup & Mixed Spice

This one always reminds me vaguely of carrot cake when I’m eating it. So it’s effectively warm cake for breakfast – perfect for a damp and drizzly morning, no?

Do you have a favourite porridge topping or fond breakfast memory? I also quite like brown sugar and raisins – if you put the sugar on quick enough after cooking it melts into puddles. I love that.

2 thoughts on “My 3 Favourite Autumnal Porridge Toppings

  1. I’m definitely going to try sultanas and maple syrup 😊 especially as I had to buy recently as made your spiced apple cake, which was delicious after our Sunday lunch with custard 😁


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