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Hello Half Term

Yesterday was a PD Day for the kids so we enjoyed a lazy one, recovering from what has felt like the longest half term EVER.

In the evening we braved the pouring rain to go to a family quiz night being run by a friend and it was well worth the drive.

We most definitely know Disney music better than general pop music and geography is not our strong point! But our team name of The Gingerbread Cats got an ‘awww’ and we didn’t come last!

The team who won the booby prize of 3 locally grown pumpkins even very kindly gave The Smalls one each to take home which absolutely made their day!

Afterwards, we drove home again along roads that were more water than tarmac by that point (aside from the one place where there were flood warning signs, there weren’t even any puddles there!!) – which was another adventure in itself.

Then a pair of pheasants that have been hanging around in our garage required some attention so none of us went to bed even though it was long past bedtime.

Why sleep when you can admire pretty feathers, study tiny hearts, investigate how wings work, and learn a bit more about the field-to-fork, kill it-clean it-cook it-eat it process?

We have never shied away from what meat is and where it comes from, but it’s still easy to mentally disconnect the food on your plate from the animals in the fields, so experience like this is important I think.

Amber Cat also likes the abundance of fresh feathers for her to play with now…

It is still raining solidly now, but fingers crossed the whole of half term isn’t a wash out. At this rate we are going to be living on an island instead of at the top of a hill…

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