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My January 2020 TBR

New Year often means new habits, but my habit of making a TBR for every month to completely ignore is an old one that I intend to continue.

For January I didn’t really need to think much – in December I started taking part in the Magical Winter Readathon run by the same person as the Magical OWL and NEWT readathons from last year. Based around the second Harry Potter book, you basically played a ‘choose your own adventure’ version of the story, getting book prompts along the way.

I managed to get a million book prompts by accident (kept getting detention amongst other things 😬) so my January TBR is quite simply all the books I didn’t read from my prompts in December.

The prompts and the books for January are:

* Book with a female MC: …And A Happy New Year?, Holly Bourne

* Book with ghosts in: Foxglove Summer, Ben Aaronovitch

* Book beginning with S: Skycircus, Peter Bunzl

* Book from your top shelf: My SoCalled Bollywood Life, Nisha Sharma

* Book with plants on the cover: The House With Chicken Legs, Sophie Anderson

* First Book You Think Of: Aurora Rising, Jay Kristoff, Aimee Kauffman

* Book shorter than the last one: The Paper & Hearts Society, Lucy Powrie

So far I have finished …And A Happy New Year? and started Skycircus. One and a half down, five and a half to go! Good job January is three hundred years long 😂

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