May 2020 TBR…

…or at least that’s what I would normally be posting today.

Except normal isn’t really a thing at the moment, is it? So I’m not making a TBR.

I’ve REALLY struggled with reading for the last month or so – I did just about manage my compulsory OWLs but not much else. I am still starting things and putting them back down again because I can’t focus, or just not even trying to start them because I feel overwhelmed.

I am reading two books at the moment that seem to be keeping my attention well – and so they are the entirety of my ‘Plan’ for May. Beyond them, I’m just going to go wherever my mood takes me!

First up is The Secret Language of Cats by Susanne Schötz which was an unexpected gift from a friend on Twitter that really brightened up my day last week. This is perfect for reading in chunks whenever I need a bit of down-time, it is easy to read and really interesting. The phonetics of cat-speak is not a thing I have ever thought about before, but it is really fascinating and I’m finding myself listening more intently to everything Amber has to say to me and trying to match it up with what I am reading!

My other read is Viper’s Daughter by Michelle Paver which I have been looking forward to forever and isn’t letting me down so far!

It would appear that novellas, graphic novels, and middle-grade fiction are where my head is at right now (plus a bit of cat-speak!) so I am embracing it and just going with the flow instead of trying to make myself read other stuff.

Luckily my bookshelf is a treasure trove full of a bit of everything so I am not starved for choice!

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