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In The Spotlight… Quicktionary

See, I told you I’d never keep it up as a weekly thing!

Ahem, anyway, this week I am putting a fun little card game called Quicktionary…

What Is Quicktionary?

Quicktionary is a nifty little game of wordplay from Forrest-Pruzan Creative that is perfect for a range of ages and lots of fun to play.

Who Can Play?

The box says 2+ players aged 12 and up, but I’d say it’s okay for kids of about 8 and over, so long as you give them a bit of extra thinking time if they need it.

So, How Do I Play It?

To play Quicktionary, you set out the three different coloured decks of cards in the middle of the table, where everyone can see them, and turn the top card of each deck over.

This gives you three ‘conditions’ – the yellow card gives you a topic, the blue card gives you a word construction directive, and the red card gives you a letter rule.

Whoever turns the cards over should read them out as they go, just in case someone can’t see very well.

Once the three cards are revealed, it is simply a race to see who can come up with a single word that matches all three conditions.

You just shout out your answers – trying to be the first (correct) person – no turn taking here!

So for the set above, the word ‘Trombone’ would be a winner.

(It is at this point that younger players might need some sort of helping hand. When I played it with Arthur and Tori, I wasn’t allowed to say anything for 10 seconds, giving them some no-pressure thinking time.)

Whoever gets a right answer first, chooses one of the cards and takes it. Each card is worth one point.

They then turn over the next card from whichever colour deck they chose, read it out, and the game continues with the new set of conditions.

First person to five points wins (or you can just keep going until you run out of cards, which we have done more than once!)

Tell Me More About These ‘Conditions’

The Yellow deck is made up of topics or subjects that the winning word has to be or relate to. There is a big variety and some are easier than others!

The whole group has to agree that a word fits the subject – so be ready with a logical explanation if your link is a bit vague!!

The Blue cards are all rules for the structure of the word – number of letters, word length, number of syllables, number of vowels allowed etc.

It is hilarious when you get one about letter numbers because suddenly everyone is sat there counting on their fingers as they spell words out in their head!

Finally, the Red deck is full of letter rules – either letters that MUST be in the word, or letters that you aren’t allowed to use.

Sometimes it is single letters, sometimes it’s two, and sometimes it makes life very, very difficult!!

What If There Just Isn’t A Word That Works?

Sometimes, it’s just too hard – there either isn’t a word that fits all three, or at least, not one that anyone in your group can come up with without cheating. When this happens, all three cards are discarded and a new set of three is drawn to continue the game.

Why Do You Like It So Much?

A few reasons – one major one being that I love words and word games. I’m a bit weird, and spelling makes me happy. So this ticks lots of boxes for me in that respect.

It is a good ‘Starter Game’ at a games night or party – an easy ice breaker that can be over fairly quickly if you want to, but gets your brains going and gets you laughing. (There’s always someone who forgets you have to follow all three rules and yells something random that only fits one!)

Also, it makes a great drinking game if that’s your thing. Said a wrong word? Drink!

On a less grown up side, it is great for kids – it gets them thinking about spellings, word structure, word associations and all sorts. Tori told her Y6 teacher about it last year and she got a copy to use in her class!

You can always go through beforehand and pick out which cards to use if you’re playing with someone younger, to make it more their level. It is easily adaptable in that sense.

What’s In The Box?

34 cards of each colour and a rule book! You don’t need anything else to play, so it’s in a neat little box that’s a good size to shove in a bag on day trips or when you’re headed to the pub with friends. (You can tell I’m the kind of person who goes to the pub to play board games with my friends, can’t you…?)

Well, that’s about it, a simple game that’s lots of fun, and very easy to pick up.

It is currently £10.65 on Amazon but I imagine it is available in other places, too! (Tori got it for Christmas last year.)

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