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Hallowe’en Musings

Everything is a little different this year, isn’t it?

Tori is off school now for two weeks, because there was apparently a big school trip to New York planned before Covid hit so they extended half term to allow those attending to not miss out on school time. Then the trip got cancelled so there’s just a randomly long October break. (Arthur is NOT impressed that he has to keep going to school when Tori doesn’t, to say the least.)

We don’t normally do too much for Hallowe’en – a couple of crafts and a spooky movie with popcorn is our usual timetable. We don’t go trick or treating, though we do usually have sweets to hand for visitors.

This year though, I feel like doing a bit more. Simply because so much of this year has been weird and kind of rubbish, making a fuss of celebrations seems much more important. Finding the fun where we can and all that.

So I am planning on employing Tori and Arthur to help decorate the house a bit, do some crafts, maybe carve some pumpkins, and, of course, choose the movie for the day itself.

I was thinking of doing an Easter Bunny style hunt for treats (and probably tricks) during the day of the 31st, and just in case there are some people out trick or treating anyway (who knows), I am planning to stick some individually wrapped lollipops in a pumpkin at the end of the drive for people to help themselves to. So nobody has to go too close to anybody else.

What are your plans for spooky season? Do you have any suggestions for games/crafts/activities we could do over half term.

Please leave a comment, I'd love to hear what you think :)

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