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Just Staring

That’s all I do at the moment if I pick up a book.

I stare blankly at it, and after a while all the little black squiggly things sort of melt into one another, and then I put it down.

I haven’t read a book since The Definition Of Us because I just don’t seem to have the brain for it.

I’ve either written here, picked up my cross stitch, played online board games, or watched TV in all the time I would usually be reading.

It’s not just me though. I know loads of people who have recently found that they either can’t read at all, or can only manage light, fluffy reads.

2020 is definitely turning into a bit of a slog in many ways. But hey, we are still here and I’m still achieving things, even if I’m not rattling through my reading target for the year.

That said, I am still listening to audiobooks. Or I was, now it is half term I might not get through those as much either with the kids at home.

I can at least listen to an audiobook at the same time as cross stitching!

Have you lost your book brain? Or something else – whatever your equivalent of reading is.

2020 is making my brain leak out of my ears, I fear.

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