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Soundtrack Sunday

Welcome to this week’s Soundtrack Sunday!

Earlier this week, I was having a bit of a 90s Throwback disco, just because I could.

Amusingly, when Arthur asked why I knew all the words to everything, he came out with ‘But were you even alive in the 1990s?!’

Yes. Yes bud, I was. It was a whole different world back then in the mists of time, before the turn of the millennium.

It was a bit less plague-ridden for a start.

Here are some of the tracks I had a good old bop to:

Is there anything more 90s than this song and video? Truly?

Five had The Moves, there is no denying it. Also, lyrical genius* with: ‘Wiggy wiggy, I’m gettin’ jiggy.’

*Lyrical hilarity

I don’t think I need to say anything at all about this one, do I?

This is a great track to sing along with ❤

Iconic 90s again. Such a banger.

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