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Snail Mail <3

Something I have taken up this year is putting pen to paper and writing to people. I joined a penpal exchange and made several new papery friends and it has helped make the world feel like a bigger place again when we have been stuck at home.

A few of my pen pals are UK based, but I also have three Across The Pond, and I am really enjoying getting to know everyone and learning about new places.

It is always a joy, getting out all my stationery and choosing what paper or notecards to use, decorating it with washi tape and stickers, and choosing pens.

It is great using all the pretty papery things I have in my collection. I love sharing them with other people who enjoy them, and the slower pace of exchanges is the perfect antidote to the EVERYTHING NOW pressure of social media and every day life.

Tori has started writing to the daughter of one of my American pen pals as well, and has also got a new pen pal in Russia, too.

She is super excited to be making friends around the world and I am loving sharing the writing and papery joy with her.

Do you have pen pals?

Please leave a comment, I'd love to hear what you think :)

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