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Festive Soundtrack Sunday Part 1

Welcome to this week’s Soundtrack Sunday! It’s the last Sunday before Christmas, so obviously it is time for a few festive favourites – this post is for my family friendly choices – Part 2 is a 2020 Special and I advise my mum not to bother with it…

Without further ado – let’s get our Jingle on!!

Lit This Year by Florida Georgia Line

This popped up on an Apple playlist thing the other day and the lyrics just made me chuckle.

I ain’t ever had a drink with Santa but if he shows up here tonight
Yeah, it’d better be his last stop, ’cause he won’t be good to drive.

Oh Holy Night by HomeTown

This song is one of my favourite favourites, and this year I have been enjoying this version quite a lot.

Carol Of The Bells (for 12 Cellos) by The Piano Guys

I love this carol and everything The Piano Guys touch turns to gold, so obviously this is a winner.

Christmas Is by Dolly Parton & Miley Cyrus

Dolly Parton is just joyful, I love love her a bit. I love her ridiculous new Christmas album and I was surprised by how quickly this one got stuck in my head.

It’s all about kindness

Love and compassion

Better to give than receive

That is a true fact

But those who don’t know that

Well, they are the poorest indeed

Mary Did You Know? by Pentatonix

I have shared this before (I’m sure), and I will probably share it again, because I love it so. Pentatonix are one of my Christmas essentials now, but this remains one of my favourites.

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