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Is It Foggy Here, Or Is It Just Me?

The last couple of days should have seen a Soundtrack Sunday, a monthly reading round-up and a TBR post on here, but, as you may have noticed, they did not.

I kept opening the blog and just staring blankly at the open page. I could barely remember if I had read anything, never mind what I thought about it, or what I plan to read next.

I don’t think I am going to hit my 75 book target for the year, but equally, I think that is okay. I’ve read over 60 books, despite everything the year has thrown at us, and that’s plenty more than one a week on average. I’ll take that.

I’m struggling to read again – I can’t focus. I’ve been doing a bit of cross-stitching and a bit of video gaming, some jigsaw puzzling (the lion has a face, but wow is the border pattern of this one a headache!) and plenty of online board gaming (and offline board gaming with the kids!) – but I just can’t settle into a book.

My brain has been pretty foggy for the last week or so. All I have wanted to do is sleep, or eat, or hide in a corner. Everything has felt ‘too much’ – one load of laundry done and I’m exhausted.

Things are slowly improving. I think.

I still have a million things I need to do, and more that I *want* to do, but I have gone two whole days without needing a nap now, so that’s a step in the right direction.

Hopefully, I will get my November round up post written soon, and I think my December TBR is going to be ‘read if I feel like it’ and nothing more.

And hopefully I will reach a point where I can start feeling festive and get on top of the house stuff and the life stuff and… stuff.

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