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Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien

Remember this guy?

He was very much the easy bit!

The whole background of funky patterns part, however, took about five times as long to muddle together.

I love him, and his funky colour scheme, however by the end it became clear that I actually had a 499 piece jigsaw, and there was going to be a gap.

Sad face.

I don’t know if the piece was missing from the start, or if it is going to turn up somewhere random courtesy of the blasted cat, but it is definitely not on or under my desk!

That mild annoyance aside, I really enjoyed my colour-your-own jigsaw experience!

Spot the space!

I have since helped Tori to start hers (she’s building first, then colouring), which is the same style but featuring a pair of tropical birds rather than a wolf.

Arthur has decided it’s all too much of a challenge for him to face alone, so he is helping Tori with hers and has donated his one to me.

So next up is a rather handsome lion, I just need to decide on a colour scheme and then I can get going.

Because no, I don’t learn, and yes, I’m planning on colouring first. Again.

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