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2021 ~ Level 1 Complete (January)

Well, I can only say that I hope Level 1 was a challenge to prove I’m ready for the rest of the year, because if that was an easy one, then I’m going to start looking for a new game.

Before I even start on anything personal, it was an insane month all over the world in many ways. With the spikes in CV19 thanks to the new variants and, I suspect, a large dose of lockdown fatigue meaning people not following the rules properly (and Christmas/New Year rule flaunting) causing another national lockdown, American politics going insane, weird weather, and other general worldly events, it was sometimes a bit exhausting just looking at the news.

Closer to home, my brilliant gran succumbed to Covid. She was 91, and had said she was more than ready to be reunited with my grandad again now, so in some ways it was a blessing. She had dementia, and this means she didn’t have to carry on going through the bewildering pain of losing herself, and it was a very short and swift illness, with the hospital staff taking brilliant care of her and making sure she was comfortable and at peace.

She is my cross-stitch inspiration, though I don’t think I will ever have the patience or stubbornness to finish anything as detailed and enormous as some of the projects she did!

I shall miss her terribly, but I know she is happy with Grandad now, and all their dogs, too.

The lockdown of course meant a return to school-at-home for Tori and Arthur (and me!) although it is all a little different this time, as everywhere has had a bit more practice since the first time around.

Tori’s school are running virtual lessons to their normal timetable (more or less), so I am just about for help when she is stuck, but mostly she is busy at her bedroom desk working away.

Arthur’s school are sending weekly targets/projects and worksheets home and we are working through those, but I am mixing these with extra lessons of my own to work on things Arthur isn’t so confident with, and just for a bit of fun when the school work feels a bit stale or overwhelming.

It’s not quite as free-form as lockdown take 1, but we are still taking it at our own pace and making the most of it.

Did I manage any of my monthly mini targets amongst all the January chaos?

Surprisingly, yes!

I completed the first two prompts in the Book Challenge, and watched the first two films of my Alphabet Movie Challenge so they’re off to a good start!

I did follow The Guardian’s 31-Day Literary Diet, although admittedly I did sometimes binge three or four in a day rather than doing it daily. Regardless, I enjoyed the variety of topics and did end up falling down the odd rabbit hole afterwards as I searched for more about things!

Lastly, I wanted to try and do at least one exercise workout each week that wasn’t just walking Jet, and I am pleased to say that my Christmas present from Caius of the Switch console RingFit game kept me on track for this one. I really enjoyed the fact that instead of just being a keep fit/exercise thing, it is a story/game so I am distracted from the fact that I’m doing silly exercises and yoga by trying to defeat a dragon and other random little creatures.

I liked it so much, that I even did it more than once a week and plan to keep it up. Yay! (And the kids both enjoy playing on it, too. Perfect for rainy days when they need to burn off energy but don’t want to go outside.)


How was your January?

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