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2021 ~ Level 2 (February)

Okay, Level 2 here we go!

This month has continuing homeschool and lockdown and, probably, cold and wet weather – so it’s basically an extension of January, which was already 397462 days long.


Like last month I have my Book Challenge and Alphabet Movie Challenge ongoing, so the first mini targets for Level 2 are going to be to read books for prompts 3 & 4, and watch films C & D.

(Prompt 3 is ‘A Book With Royalty In The Title’ and Prompt 4 is ‘A Book That Was Recommended To You’ – these are my choices!)

I think this month is going to have a house-based aim – I want to sort out the kitchen. Properly.

A good deep clean, and actually go through the cupboards/drawers and sort them out. Throw away things lurking at the back of the cupboards months out of date, clear out stuff I never use or is falling apart, that sort of thing.

I use the kitchen every day (obviously) and it needs a bit of TLC.

It also needs some heating but that’s a whole other kettle of fish, that I can’t fix with a bottle of disinfectant and a cloth. (The previous house owner had a new kitchen installed, designed to have underfloor heating… but then didn’t actually put the underfloor heating in. So it is an external extension with three outside walls, a flat roof, a slate-tile-on-concrete floor and NO SOURCE OF HEATING. Which is lovely and cool in summer, and breath-mistingly chilly in winter. And that was before the snow made the roof leak. Sigh.)

Hopefully, by giving myself a month and breaking the Big Job down into lots of Little Jobs that I can do each day, I can get the kitchen a bit more organised and feeling fresher.

Image of notebook with handwritten cleaning plans on each day.
The cleaning notebook has been resurrected!

And if Jet could stop coming in from soggy walks and shaking muddy water all over the door and cupboards before I have a chance to throw a towel on her every day, that would help massively.

(Yeah, that’s not going to happen. It’s a good job she is cute.)


What’s your plan for February?

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