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2021 ~ Level 2 Complete (February)

If I had to pick one word to describe February it would be ‘bleurgh’.

I don’t know if it was the weather, the world climate, or just me, but getting out of bed every day seemed like an awful lot of effort for not enough reward.

But here we are, it’s almost March. We made it.

We are still home-schooling and it is still a very up-and-down task. Some days we ace it and other days we are both crying by 10am – probably much like everyone else I expect.

Did I manage any of my monthly mini targets amongst all the February blues?

Not even vaguely.

The only one I successfully finished was my Book Challenge quota for the month – I didn’t watch either film for my Alphabet Movie Challenge, and never even started on the big kitchen clean. Sigh.

But hey, on the positive side, we are all healthy and doing okay. We got up and got dressed every single day and did our best. Even when getting up and dressed was our best.

And it wasn’t all gloom – a couple of highlights were a walk to the local farm for breakfast and two great fun sessions with the Scouts/Cubs (a story-telling session with a local story teller and a really fun virtual magic show!) – that kept spirits up and smiles on faces.

Onward to March now!

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