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2021 ~ Level 3 Complete (March)

The fact that I am posting this late, sums up exactly how my March went/felt.

It was twice as long as February and not much better (aside from the weather.)

We carried on with our Home-Schooling and it wasn’t our favourite but we kept going. Thank goodness for the sun coming out and letting everyone blow off steam in the garden more though, because boy did we all need it some days!

On to the March Challenges…

I finished my Book Challenge books right at the start of the month – I loved them both and got through them much faster than I expected. HOWEVER, I sort of wasn’t really in the mood for films so didn’t watch any of my Movie Challenge things… again. I watched loads of Death In Paradise but that’s TV and not on my list. This particular challenge isn’t going so well…

I did have some success in March though – Jet and I completed our 100km for Dementia UK and had lots of fun doing it.

We saw lots of wildlife and birds, from a tiny vole, to a fox on the prowl! Sunsets & rain storms, collected many (large) sticks, Jet rediscovered the river, and we both got really quite muddy!

And we more than doubled our original £100 sponsorship target, too! Thank you to everyone who donated – it means a lot xxx

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