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#SweepUpYourSmols June 2021


Asha at A Cat, A Book, and A Cup Of Tea is running two mini readathons this month and whilst I am not feeling up to the #ConquerAChonker one (read a 400+ page book in a weekend), I am totally there for its little sibling #SweepUpYourSmols.

The challenge is to read as many Smol books as you can over the weekend (including Friday, so 18th – 20th June). Any book under 300 pages counts, so it is perfect for me to attack my remaining stack of unread Penguin Little Black Classics and maybe a couple of my Middle Grade reads that are loitering on my TBR shelf, too.

It should help get my target total for the year back on track, will make me feel like the TBR shelf is less impossible to conquer, and keep me entertained on the Saturday when I’m sat around waiting for Tori whilst she’s at Junior Sailing Squad.

Not going to set an actual TBR list, but here’s a stack of maybes!

Image of a stack of books on a bookshelf with book-themed scented candles in the background.

The stack contains the following titles:
Hannibal's Crossing Of The Alps - Livy
High Waving Heather - The Brontes
The Atheist's Mass - Honore de Balzac
The Fall Of Icarus - Ovid
Traffic - John Ruskin
The Suffragettes - Various Authors
A Modest Proposal - Jonathan Swift
Tyger, Tyger - William Blake
Journey To The Centre Of The Earth
Proud Of Me - Sarah Hagger-Holt

There’s a bit of everything there from modern MG to some pretty classic poetry via a sprinkling of non-fiction, so I should be suitably entertained regardless of what mood I’m in.

Hey, maybe I’ll read enough to actually have something to write a round-up post about this month!

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