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2021 ~ Level 6 (June)

Here I am, late again!

May was a good month overall, but exhausting. So I have only just got my brain into gear enough to write a blog post!

It was not a great reading month – I read one audiobook and one graphic novel – so I am now 3 books behind schedule for my target for the year. But that two is still one more than I read in April, and I have got half way through two others, so I’m still chugging along.

But not really enough to warrant a whole reading roundup post of their own.

(A Place Called Perfect by Helena Duggan is an excellent read for anyone 10+. Delightfully creepy, thoughtful and exciting, 5*)

(The other one was a graphic novel adaptation of the Communist Manifesto and… I didn’t really understand but the illustrations were very atmospheric.)

Do you know what I did do though? I WATCHED A FILM OFF MY ALPHABET LIST!

It was A Clockwork Orange and… well… it was just sort of 1984 but with pretentious shock factor instead of pretentious waffle, wasn’t it? I’ll stick to Animal Farm I think.

I watched Tenet, too, but that’s not on my list. That is the l o n g e s t film ever and I kept thinking we’d got to the end because the whole timey-wimey cleverness had been revealed, but then it carried on for another 400 years explaining it and showing off *just* how clever the concept was and… ugh. Not for me.

The craft cupboard was defeated, new furniture installed, old furniture rehomed, and new room layout set up though. My May target was a definite success!

Right, time to get on with actual Level 6: June!

My Book Challenge and Alphabet Movie Challenge remain ongoing – one of the books I am reading fits into a prompt so hopefully I will tick off at least one book!

For my target this month I am taking part in The Wildlife Trust’s 30 Days Wild initiative, with the aim of doing some sort of random act of wildness every day in June.

I am planning to post what I’ve done each day on Instagram if you feel like following along (I am @caroleheidicfhw) to keep myself accountable. I have the pack from the Wildlife Trust so lots of inspiration there, and I will do my best to drag the kids along for the ride with me, too.

After all, as the top of the 30 Days Wild poster says –

All our lives are better when they’re a bit wild.

Today we visited Attingham Park (bit weird having to book a time slot, and oh wow was it a bit alarming when there were enough people around to count as a crowd at the cafe/entrance) and once we were right out in the woods and deer park it was often like Tori, Arthur, Jet, and I were the only ones there apart from the birds, bugs, and animals.

We saw squirrels and rabbits, robins, wrens, rooks, jackdaws, buzzards, crows, the herd of fallow deer, and a tiny vole that was eating seeds on a bench!

We also hugged some trees, and the kids had fun on log bridges and exploring the woods.

We may have avoided the food and play areas like the plague… because, you know, actual plague, and they were heeeeeeaving with people. (Well, not heaving like how it used to get, but still busy and enough that we collectively decided that we didn’t fancy it.) But other than that, it was a lovely morning out and about somewhere that wasn’t home/the immediate area around our house.

What do you have planned for June?

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