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2021 ~ Level 5 (May)

So, ordinarily over the last few days there would have been a reading roundup post and a Level4 summary post, and you may have noticed that none of those happened, and even this post is a day late.

That pretty much sums it up really.

In April I finished exactly one book. And that was a picture book. (A very excellent new release called Fourteen Wolves by Catherine Barr & Jenni Desmond about the original pack of wolves reintroduced into Yellowstone National Park and how their reintroduction made a massive (positive) difference to the ecosystem there.)

So a reading roundup seemed a bit pointless.

I didn’t read any of my prompt books or watch any of my films BUT I did write to my pen-pals. I have sent out a few letters, and when I ran out of steam for writing proper full letters, I made sure to send ‘just saying hi’ postcards to everyone else.

That felt good, and I fully intend to follow up those postcards with letters in the coming weeks.

Back to school happened and was pretty uneventful – in a good way. The Not-So-Smalls have settled in, and we are back to the old levels of grumbling about having to do tests and deal with actual real live people every day.

Cubs and Scouts started back in mid-April as well. All outdoors and masked up so far, but it has been good to be back – we have set things on fire, played games, and toasted marshmallows.

So, onwards to May! (How is it already May?!)

I still have my Book Challenge and Alphabet Movie Challenge ongoing – both now in need of a bit of catching up – but I’ll just take those as they come. I don’t want to force myself to read/watch things and end up hating them. I’m sure I’ll get there in the end.

For my target this month I am taking on the craft ‘cupboard’. It’s not a cupboard, it’s a cupboard and a set of shelves and some boxes and and and…

So yeah. We have planned some new storage, Caius is off to that Blue and Yellow Store of Wonders to get it next week, and I am going to move things round, sort them out, clear out the accumulated crap, and generally try to find some kind of order in the chaos.

Exactly how many tubs of neon coloured pipe cleaners does one family need, anyway???

May did start off well though – Tori recently got a new toy… her very own boat!

So we drove it over to the Sailing Club this afternoon and she got it out in the water in the sunshine.

Meet Rosa the (very pink) Topper!

Caius also got a new boat recently and it was great to see them both out together enjoying themselves on the water. (His boat is called Cygnus Loop, if you were wondering.)

What do you have planned for May?

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