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The CFHW 2021 Movie Alphabet Challenge – Films B, C & D

The Birds, A Clockwork Orange, & The Dead Poets Society

I am plodding through my movie list, honest! Just don’t think I’m going to make all 26 this year, but hey ho.

Movie B was The Birds and I didn’t really know what to expect, but I kind of loved it. I wasn’t sure whether to laugh or be alarmed by a lot of it, though it certainly got very atmospheric at times.

The cinematic techniques used were really cool and I can see why it was such a big ‘thing’ when it was released. I do want to know how the heck they managed to get so many seagulls to stand/sit where they needed them though – it was very impressive.

I’m not sure I would call it ‘terrifying’ as such, but it was creepy and definitely made me uneasy at times. I keep meaning to find a copy of the story it was based on and add that to my ridiculous TBR as well.

Movie C was Clockwork Orange and honestly I would like the 3846 hours of my life back please. (it was that long, yes?) Gratuitous, shocking for the sake of being shocking, I didn’t understand what half the characters were on about, and just… I didn’t really get the point.

I can accept why it is a cult classic and why it was a cinematic revolution in terms of style and such like but it really wasn’t for me.

I could rant some more, but I won’t.

Movie D was Dead Poets Society and I would like to know why nobody made me watch this sooner? I loved it.

Robin Williams, baby-faced Richard Sean Leonard, nerding over poetry and theatre, teenage defiance, coming of age, drama, humour, all of the emotions… yup. All the boxes are ticked.

I laughed out loud, I quoted along with favourite famous poems & plays, and oh boy did I cry. All of the crying.

Seriously, so good. It spoke to my soul.

Unlike Clockwork Orange, which spoke to my desire to throw things in the bin.

Score Out Of 10?

The Birds – 5.5

Clockwork Orange – 3

Dead Poets Society – 9

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