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Soundtrack Sunday

*Tap tap* Is this thing on?

Hi! Ready for some music? Here we go!

Tequilla by Terrorvision

Ahhh, an old favourite from my student days. Which randomly came on in the pub on Tuesday when we were out having our first Board Games meet up since Lockdown 1 all those centuries ago.

It made me smile, even more than being out with friends and playing games already was making me smile (and laugh until I couldn’t breathe…)

Come What May from Moulin Rouge

The kids and I were having a good old singalong session in the car on the way home from last minute school shoe shopping on Wednesday and this one came on which is always fun to butcher with gusto.

Turn It Up (Feat. Tommy Cash) by Oliver Tree & Little Big

Everything Little Big does is bonkers but also somehow brilliant. Even when they are teamed up with other people. They are truly a slice of Russian gold and I love their endless energy and commitment to everything insane.

This single dropped on Thursday and I keep humming it in my head ever since. Even if the video does trigger my motion sickness a little bit because of all the bouncing.


What has been playing in your house this week?

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