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What’s On The Menu?

Well, it’s been a while since I did one of these, but hey, I’ve been organised and meal planned our evening meals, so why not bring it back?

We have started getting HelloFresh boxes for a few days each week which helps massively with the whole ‘what shall I make?’ thing because it’s all just there in my fridge ready to go. I got a voucher through the door during the last lockdown and figured it was worth a try and then kind of fell in love with them. (If anyone has never tried HelloFresh before but feels like giving it a go I have a discount code thingy I can send if you drop me a message on here/Facebook)

(I am posting this on Monday out of habit, but my plan is actually from Saturday…)

Weekend Meals

Sausage Burgers with Onion Marmalade, Wedges & Salad (For me & Caius anyway, the kids are having chicken goujons with wedges and salad/peas because they have announced that this week they don’t like burgers *eye roll*)

Caramelised Onion Sausage Traybake with Carrots and Buttery Sauce (We have an extra mouth to feed on Sunday and this is a nice easy thing to make for lots of people)

Weekday Meals

Pizza with Salad (Back to Cubs this week, so Monday needs to be quick and easy. It’s Arthur’s last night as a Cub before he starts Scouts next week. Only feels like five minutes since he started!)

Fish & Homemade Chips with Mixed Veg (I have finally abandoned frozen chips and started making my own. Take a little bit longer to cook in the oven, but really not that much more effort.)

Porky Pappardelle with Spinach (HelloFresh)(New recipe for us but it looks tasty in the picture!)

Super Quick Beef Ragu with Penne (HelloFresh) (Yep, more pasta – it is the one thing that the Not-So-Smalls generally eat without complaint and I am a big fan of this.)

Chicken Fried Rice with Mushrooms and Peanuts (HelloFresh) (I try to pick the odd thing from HelloFresh that isn’t what I’d normally cook, just to challenge us all and also to discover new things. Fried rice isn’t a ‘new’ thing, but this recipe is quite different to how I would normally make it, so we will see how it goes!)

(Previous HelloFresh dish that I managed to make look like the picture and was so impressed I took a photo!!)

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