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What’s On The Menu?

Hello again! Doing my post in advance this week, just to keep you on your toes.

Weekday Meals

Pizza ‘Normality’ resumes this week, which means I have Cubs on a Monday night and zero brain for cooking so frozen pizza is my answer. Also people moan at me if I don’t feed them pizza on a Monday.

Chicken, Vegetable & Rice Bake served with spring rolls Back on the Pinch of Nom recipes for this one – rice usually goes down well with the Not-So-Smalls and anything I can squirrel veggies into is a win. The spring rolls are from the freezer though – I’m not feeling that brave (and Arthur is a bit addicted to them).

Creamy Wild Mushroom Pasta Bake An old favourite from the My Daddy Cooks cookbook that I haven’t made for a while and randomly fancied again when I was writing my meal plan.

Pie & Chips with vegetables This was a request from Tori. There is a choice of Steak pie or Chicken and Bacon – folks can choose on the day.

Oven Baked Risotto with Salmon & Peas Another Pinch of Nom recipe – we have tried a few baked risottos in the past so I am looking forward to this one.

Weekend Meals

Chicken Kyivs with Pasta One of Caius’s favourites that we haven’t had for a while. Morrisons seems to have stopped stocking farfalle pasta though, so he will probably moan at me that it’s the ‘wrong’ shape when I serve up 😛

Spam Fritters with Mash, Vegetables, & Gravy Spotted the fritters in the freezer when I was shopping and realised I haven’t had them in aaaaaaages, so whatever it was I originally planned got scrapped immediately for this instead.

Chase is starting a new dinner plan this week, too.

The food he was eating wasn’t agreeing with him particularly, and as the person mostly in charge of clearing up after him I decided something needed to change (preferably the consistency of his ‘business’).

So we are giving Butternut Box a go to see if it can help his tummy and also make him a bit more enthusiastic about his food, because currently if it’s not a gravy bone or an air-dried rabbit ear then he mostly isn’t interested.

I am writing this on Day 1, so he is just having a bit of the Butternut food mixed in with his usual stuff to start the transition as gently as possible, but he was definitely very interested in the box when it arrived so fingers crossed he likes the food just as much!!

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