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What’s On The Menu?

No matter what happens in the news, the meals still need planning and cooking for the week.

Changes in the Monarchy don’t stop tweens, teens and Caiuses from getting hungry. (Or Caroles for that matter.)

Weekday Meals

Pizza Yeah no prizes if you saw this one coming. Some things don’t change.

Oven-Baked Chicken with Garlic Potatoes It is getting to be a bit Autumnal now, so the trusty oven bakes are starting to seems very appealing again. Slow-Cooker season must be just around the corner, too. Soon.

Chinese-Style Fish with Courgettes, Peas, & Mini Spring Rolls I had a random craving for Chinese Takeaway when I was meal planning – this was a cheaper option by far!

Cheese & Onion Tart with Sausages and Sweetcorn Another old favourite from My Daddy Cooks that is easy and versatile and contains excessive amounts of cheese and is therefore awesome.

Mexican Lasagne The novelty of using tortilla wraps instead of pasta in this recipe still hasn’t worn off after however many years it is that I have been making it. (I think I first made it in 2014 sooo… a while)

Weekend Meals

Pasta Bake Easy, tasty, filling. Perfect Saturday night food.

Ham & Potato Cakes with Vegetables A new Pinch Of Nom recipe that sounds super tasty. I am quite excited for this one.

To update on Chase and his new diet – after a week he is noticeably more excited for meal times and his bowl is being licked clean instead of sitting half-full for most of the day until he clearly got hungry enough to force it down.

He is much more bouncy than he has been and seems generally a bit more happy in himself.

His gut is also happier, just going by the solidity of the evidence provided. (Yay!)

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