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Midweek Maybes

Hey Blogsters!

Much to my own surprise I did indeed finish The Gifts at the weekend. I haven’t quite started Tick Tock yet, but only because I was finishing off a couple of other half-started books first.

Still calling that a win.

This week my will I/won’t I is deciding between two crafty projects I’d like to advance a bit.

I have both my ‘Happy Things’ scrapbook, and my ‘Wild At Home’ scrapbook to update.

The first is a memory scrapbook for holidays, days out and other particularly happy moments, and the second is a fun record of the flora and fauna we get in/around our house.

I have bits squirrelled away waiting to go in both so just need to pick one to crack on with between various Scouting things (need to get some badges sewn on my uniform!), funerals, and the usual chaos of life.

80th Anniversary badge needs sewing on my uniform before Saturday morning… better get on with that one!


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