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A Story Ends…

There are things you know are going to happen, and yet are surprised by when they do.

There are just some people you expect to live forever. That are somehow super-human in your mind.



Kings are for fairy tales and history books.

For fantasy books and far away places.

We have a Queen, with Corgis by her side.

A Queen in bold colours and fabulous hats.

Serious and sombre, until she smiles and the room lights up.

Because there’s a horse, or a dog, or cows, or because someone made her laugh.

Stoic and calm, the picture of duty, loyalty and pride.

A woman to look up to. Who stood proud and strong in a world of men and held her own.

Who proved that Princesses don’t need Prince Charming to lead the way, because they can walk the path themselves.

We had a Queen.

We have a Queen.

We will always have a Queen.

In our hearts and our memories.

Even as we close her story and open the pages of a new one.

A story with a King, with rescue Russells at his side.


Thank you, Ma’am. Rest Well.

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