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Soundtrack Sunday

It is definitely definitely Autumn now – the wellies have become a dog walk staple once more. (And jumping in puddles… because I am a child…)

Music has definitely had to be louder some days just to be heard over the rain, that’s for sure!

The Fire by Papa Roach

This was a huge fave of 17 year old me and I hadn’t heard it for ages until it came up on shuffle during the week. Then I listened to it three times and had it stuck in my head for hours.

Tomorrow by Chris Young

This is one of my ‘kitchen tunes’ that I often listen to when I’m cooking. I don’t really know why, it’s nothing to do with food…

What About Now? by Daughtry

Such a tune.


And as promised – here are the answers to yesterday’s riddles (after the picture in case you missed them and want to go back without accidental spoilers!)

  1. Day and night
  2. Five minutes!
  3. She is a photographer – she shot, developed and hung the photo up to dry!
  4. Everyone on the boat is married.
  5. A Keyboard
  6. A bottle
  7. A beer!

How many did you get??

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