Life, the Universe & Everything


Some days, blog posts just flow.

Other days I stare blankly at the screen whilst it stares blankly back at me, each of us hoping that the other will do something exciting.

Today is one of the second type of days.

But it’s not just blog-block, I am having one of Those Days. I get them usually about the mid-point of my period, but sometimes just before it starts, and they are The Worst.

I feel like I ran a marathon yesterday, and maybe also the day before. I’m the sort of exhausted where my entire everything feels like lead, moving feels like dragging myself through treacle, and my head is full of sludge.

Loading and unloading the washing machine and dishwasher felt like cryptic logic puzzles, and playing fetch with Chase in the garden for five minutes left me wanting a nap.

I napped.

It didn’t help. It never does.

I can get 10 hours of sleep, have two naps, and then still sleep through the following nights on these days – the fatigue and lethargy is that heavy.

It’s rubbish.

They always leave me feeling low and like the most useless human that has ever human-d because basic tasks seem unsurmountable and impossible.

But hey, it never lasts, so maybe tomorrow I can get all the things done that I had planned for today.

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