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Soundtrack Sunday

Into The Unknown by Panic! At The Disco (from Frozen 2)

Probably should be over Frozen 2 by now. Still not.

Mixed feelings over the announcement of Frozen 3 – Reindeer don’t live forever and I fear for my boy Sven in their need for a third round of drama and peril.

SPACE MAN by Sam Ryder

The kids and I have randomly had a bit of a Eurovision revival this week, so this one has been played a lot!

The Age Of Not Believing by Angela Lansbury in Bedknobs and Broomsticks

It has been far, far too long since I watched this film. But I found myself humming this one on Monday afternoon and then had to listen to all the songs from the movie. Twice.

And then on Tuesday the news of Angela Lansbury’s death came and it all felt a little bit like fate that I’d had her voice ringing through the house the day before. I am sad. She was awesome and a face and voice of my childhood – she did an awful lot with her almost 97 years on Earth and provided a lot of joy to us mere humans on the outside of the stage and screen.


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