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Sad Boy

Today, our not-so-little man got neutered and he is not a happy bunny this evening.

It went fine, though it was a little more intrusive than the usual standard procedure because he had Cryptorchidism (only one descended testicle) so he has two wounds rather than just the usual one (and a bigger shaved patch).

Needless to say, he has been very spaced-out since he got home. He’s often pretty vague (we love him, but he’s a bit dim) but there was definitely nobody home for a while as he gazed blankly at the wall, swaying slightly.

Amber is very bemused by his giant cone-head and has happily bopped him as he stumbles past a few times.

He’s had a little food now, and a big drink, and has just finally decided he is too tired to stay standing any longer and is curled up on his big squashy new bed (thank you Aunty Chrystal, Uncle Nad & Kew!) having dragged it over to behind my desk chair. I am not going anywhere any time soon, because he’s in the way and I don’t want to disturb him.

Hopefully he will be feeling a little brighter tomorrow… but also – wish us luck trying to keep him steady and calm and not bouncy for a few days whilst he recovers!


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