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Not So Mellow Yellow

Remember back to the very start of the month and my first post featuring some ‘shrooms that had sprung up in the garden?

Here’s the photos to remind you:

Those ones, I *think* were either Pavement or Field Mushrooms.

Or thought.

There have been a few new ones pop up since those ones, and I have had a closer look and think that the new ones at least are maybe Yellow Stainers. Which are not tasty mushrooms like the other two.

I didn’t notice those original ones bruising yellow, and they smelled very mushroomy.

But the latest ones?

They went yellow when I sliced/broke them, smelled a bit weird (I don’t know how to describe it any better than ‘not mushroomy and vaguely unpleasant’), and when I gently cooked one of them it went very yellow and smelled more strongly ‘not mushroomy and vaguely unpleasant’.

How not tasty are Yellow Stainers?

Well, very. Actually.

They’re often confused with Field and Horse Mushrooms, which is why I’m now a bit ‘hmmm’ about my initial thoughts on my first mushrooms, and are one of the most common causes of mushroom poisoning in the UK because of this.

What are you going to get if you do miss the warning signs that this is not a tasty mushroom (smells weird, violent yellow)? Well that appears to depend on you! Some people get stomach cramps, vomiting and diarrhoea, some people have gone into comas (!!) and other people have had zero ill effects at all.

All in all, I advise maybe not eating the yellow mushrooms. Categorise them along with Yellow Snow – under ‘Nope’.

Have you seen any interesting ‘shrooms recently?


See you tomorrow!

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