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Get To Know Me Better: The TV Edition (Part 2)

Welcome to Part 2 of the TV shows to watch to get to know me better – this time covering ‘factual’ TV (reality? real life?) shows rather than fictional shows.

I fell down a rabbit hole on YouTube looking up clips for this post… there are just too many to choose from!

Five TV Shows To Watch To Get To Know Me Better (Factual)

Pretty Much Every David Attenborough Documentary Ever, I Refuse To Choose

There are few things in life that bring me as much joy as the wonder and excitement of Sir David Attenborough sharing the natural world with me. I don’t care if it is about beetles, penguins, brambles, tigers, volcanoes, dinosaurs, naked molerats or clownfish – I will be there soaking it all in, and probably remembering some sort of useless fact to spout when I’m anxious and can’t think of anything sensible or logical to say.

I would sit and listen to/watch Sir Attenborough read the telephone book to be honest, that voice is just like a blanket of comfort, regardless of what he is saying. I’d probably take notes, because if he is saying it, then it’s got to be relevant to something.

I’m a nature nut anyway, so the fact that he has done so many programmes on so many different aspects of the natural world means that he has played quite a large part in my TV consumption over the years. (And I’ve read a load of the books that go with the documentaries as well, of course. Because me.)

Police Interceptors

Traffic Cops etc etc etc. All of those shows.

People are fascinating, and police chases are exciting.

These were a huge favourite for years, and I will still happily sit and watch them for hours. I will also happily sit and watch YouTube compilations of DashCam videos, so maybe I just like watching people who can’t drive.

Animal Park

I resisted choosing another wolf clip for this one.

Animal Park is a series that follows the goings on at Longleat Safari Park, giving an insight into the life of the keepers and what their jobs entail.

I adore this show partly because I still sort of dream about being a zoo keeper, partly just because animals (and they have wolves), and partly because Longleat is one of my favourite places to actually visit.

It amused my parents last time we all went together that I not only knew the names of some of the animals, but that I also recognised some of the keepers as they drove by in their zebra cars.

Master Chef

I don’t really know what it is about this show that I find so addictive, but I can watch it for hours. All the variations (Professional/Celebrity/normal) are acceptable, and I have even put a few ideas and skills into action and own a couple of the cook books from various seasons.

I don’t even want to eat half the stuff that they make, I just love the theatre of it all. And the disasters.

The Supervet

You know how I was all no medical drama here! in the fictional TV post? Well that doesn’t apply to animals. I did want to be a vet for quite a while, until I came to realise I’m not a fan of the insides of animals in person, and also I shake far too much to ever be able to accurately do anything with sharp or pointy instruments.

Therefore I get my fix through shows like this one. I love the animals, I love the science, I love learning about how one can save the other, and I love seeing just how much joy animals bring people. My heart breaks every episode, and I regularly cry, but I come back every time.

Animal Hospital was my original vet show love, but that one is long gone now (pretty sure it finished before the Aussie host’s true colours were revealed, but still, it’s not likely to be repeated any time now.)

I do wish they had, at some point, shown just how ridiculously annoying Cones Of Shame are on big dogs though so I had a bit of warning. Because now that Chase is feeling more himself after his op, we are all feeling more of his headpiece. Often at high speed and with no regard for our feelings.

He has no spatial awareness anyway, never mind when his head is longer and wider than usual. Even at his post-op check-up he had the receptionists, other people in the waiting room, and the vet nurse in stitches laughing at him for not even being able to walk past the reception desk without getting his cone stuck on it (and his head stuck under my chair, and in the door…)

And thus concludes my TV Editions of Getting To Know Me Better – now I need to think of what to do next? Maybe 5 music albums? That might take a fair bit of thought to get it down to five! Any other suggestions are welcome!


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