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The CFHW 2021 Movie Alphabet Challenge – Films G and, er, Y

Garden State (2004) & Yesterday (2019)

No, you are not going mad, I did miss out F and skip from G to Y – My alphabet is managing to go even slower than ever so I decided that maybe I should just watch the films in any old order, rather than waiting for me to be ‘in the mood’ for whatever happens to be next. (I still won’t be finished for another 12 months at least, let’s be honest…)

Movie G was Garden State which had been recommended to me by a few different people, and starred Zac Braff and Natalie Portman so I figured it was going to be half decent.

It had a bit of a slow start, and I was often very confused (which isn’t difficult…), but overall I enjoyed this film. Just don’t ask me what it was about because I have forgotten (I actually watched it months ago and totally forgot to post about it), I mostly just remember a quarry, some riding around on a motorbike, and lots of trying to come to terms with the past.

Oh, and Bilbo Baggins is in it.

Movie Y was Yesterday which I mostly wanted to watch because I am a bit in love with Himesh Patel (he was one of my favourites in Eastenders) and also any excuse to listen to the Beatles is a good excuse.

This was cute and funny and ridiculous. The music was good, it was just the right amount of silly, and just the right amount of sweet.

Yes, you have to wince through Ed Sheeran somehow managing to act badly even though he was literally playing HIMSELF and not a different character, but that’s all saved by the people around him and the fact that he’s only in it briefly.

James Corden also makes a brief appearance but it is very brief and can be ignored.

All in all, I recommend it if you want an easy going British rom com with a great soundtrack. It sits in the same category as Love Actually and Music & Lyrics for me (though not as good, because honestly M&L is one of the best ever, and I will fight you if you say I’m wrong.)

Score Out Of 10?

Garden State – 7

Yesterday – 8.5

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