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Midweek Maybes

I feel like the first maybe I should ask this week, is how long do you think our current Prime Minister is going to last?

And what fruit or vegetable are the papers going to choose for his Live Feed decomposition race?

On less of a maybe and more of a midweek musing, Arthur has said he wants to go through his bedroom bookcase and get rid of some of the books that are no longer of interest to him (I refuse to say ‘too young for him’ because nobody is too old for picture books).

Mostly I am fine with this, it is just part of growing up and making room for new interests and books is a good thing, but also it makes me a tiny bit sad because it’s just another sign that those Small days are really and truly gone. He is so much a Not-So-Small now that I’m pretty sure he’s as tall as me, but he is still my baby one and letting go of those younger years is a weird step forward.

I will be overseeing the sort out though, some of those books are mine! But if anyone wants any younger fiction, or knows someone or somewhere that would, please let me know because I’d love to re home the books somewhere to be loved all over again.


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