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This Post Contains A Spider


Oh. WordPress has changed the standard font on the editing page, how strange. I wonder if it is going to look different when I hit publish?

I may have just realised that I totally forgot to write or even plan a post for today and that it is getting a bit late, but it would be a shame to miss a day at this point when I’m so very close to completing the Blogtober challenge.

I took another cute mushroom photo today whilst out on the dog walk, it’s a Fly Agaric, and it was just such a picture perfect one I could practically see a dormouse huddled under it, or a faerie sat atop it.

I also took a few photos of our current Back Door Spider, who I is (I think) a Garden Spider, or Araneus Diadematus. S/he is getting quite large and I always say hello when I go in and out of the door.

I don’t need to decorate the house for Hallowe’en this year – it’s clearly organising that by itself!!


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