Top 5 Friday

Top 5 Friday

Digging out all the blog post classics this month!

It’s been forever since I did a Top 5 Friday (I think my last one was in Lockdown One?!) so I thought why not bring it back out for a spin??

My Top 5 Pin Badges (from my current collection)


Coming in at number 5 we have this teeny weeny little hedgehog pin, which was a gift from my friend Nicola. I love it because it is so sparkly and tiny and it’s made of wood!

That’s my hand for some scale on the picture. Just look at its little upturned nose and tiny feets! *makes all the heart-eyes*


Next up is my S.T.A.G.S. pin which is a promo item from one of my very favourite book series of the same name.

I do actually have a second S.T.A.G.S. pin badge, which is a simple maroon shield with the initials across it in gold (think prefect badges) which I got at YALC celebrating the release of the first book, but I love this one because it has the full school crest on.

I’d never be rich or clever enough to go to S.T.A.G.S., but with this pin badge I can at least pretend I am.


Boxxy T Morningwood is third on my list. This Mimic pin is one of five D&D themed pins I have from The Mythic Merchant, and is my favourite of them so far (I also have a Displacer Beast, a Tiny Wizard, a Hell Hound, and a Gnoll… and there may be two more on the way from a Kickstarter I backed as well).

I not only love the pins themselves, but I love the care and attention to design of the backing cards as well. The creatures all come with their own mini D&D Character Sheets with their stats on, which is super cute.

If you are wondering why it has such a ridiculous name, that is because I named it after a ridiculous character in an RPG-based novel series which features a main character who is an accidentally-smarter-than-it-should-be Mimic who calls itself Boxxy T Morningwood. (The series is called Everybody Loves Large Chests and is by Neven Illiev and I do not recommend it to anyone who isn’t vaguely D&D and/or fantasy RPG obsessed already because it is super punny, very NSFW, and has entire sections where characters inspect their own stat blocks and level themselves up which is probably confusing and boring if you aren’t an RPG-er)


The number 2 spot goes to my Sugar & Sloth Duckton Abbey pin. I think I stared at my S&S badges for about 10 minutes just trying to choose my favourite, and if you ask me on another day, I will probably pick a different one, because I love them all.

It is no secret that I love Sugar & Sloth. Tori and I are a tiny bit obsessed and the house is full of these characters in the form of pins, stickers, postcards, calendars, washi tape, pencils, pens, notebooks, post-it notes, jewellery, t-shirts, hats…. er, yeah, so if you’re ever stuck for what she or I would like for a gift the answer is basically ‘anything from that website’. I even have a pair of S&S dungarees!

I picked the Duckton pin because a) it’s a duck in a top hat, and b) some days are hard and it’s nice to glance over at him next to my desk and get a little boost of positivity.

(Why yes, I went to a wedding in S&S dungarees and a rainbow dinosaur t-shirt, and then played croquet in the sunshine whilst drinking gin. Because that’s how I roll.)


The number one spot goes to my Dice Hoarder Rainbow Dragon pin by Shannon May Art because, well, it speaks to me on a deep and personal level. AND it was a limited edition run of 100 pins and I got number 100!!

No really, look!

I do love dice. And dragons. And rainbows.

Bonus Pick

I was caught choosing my pins by Tori, who insisted that I also shared her favourite from my collection, which is this Sugar & Sloth Cat in a Strawberry Hat who has some very wise words to share about when you’re feeling stressed and overwhelmed by all the things…

So there you go, a few of my favourite things on a Friday afternoon.

Here’s a photo of my pin collection on my personalised banners, which are your favourites?


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