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Farewell Blogtober 2022

Well here we are, the last day of October! I can’t decide if the month has lasted forever or just flown by – sometimes it has felt like both, what with the kids at home for two weeks of it.

Blessed Samhain to those who celebrate, Happy Hallowe’en to folk celebrating that, and Merry Monday to everyone studiously ignoring all the chaos.

I have a spooky desk buddy as I type this…

She is super ‘bootiful’, but also keeps pressing the space bar with her bottom which is vaguely annoying.

It’s Cubs tonight, and we’re expecting a smaller group than usual as Trick or Treating and family parties will be happening, but we have decided to have some fun with Hallowe’en themed games and non-uniform/costumes.

I’m digging out the old wolf onesie and teaming it with a necker to go as myself! Cub leaders traditionally are named after Jungle Book characters and I am Raksha – the mother wolf that adopts Mowgli into her litter and fights off Shere Khan when he first comes calling for the Man Cub.

But for now I appear to just be wearing Amber as she has rearranged and is now lying on my hand and making typing interesting!

She is surprisingly heavy.

Other than Cubs, my evening plan is to read some more of Wolfsong because that’s about werewolves so I figure is on-theme for the day (and also I just want to read it…)

Now Blogtober 2022 is drawing to a close, I will probably not be posting every single day – but I am going to try and keep posting regularly and not just vanish into the depths of the interwebs again.

Thank you for reading, as ever – sorry for the drivel on the days I couldn’t brain!

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